Education Amendment Bill Petition

Posted By TEU on Sep 14, 2018 | 7 comments

Education Amendment Bill Petition

To the New Zealand Parliament on the 2nd Reading of the Education Amendment Bill

Tertiary education institutions are crucial to delivering social, cultural, economic, and environmental wellbeing. For institutions to meet the needs of all New Zealanders, staff and students must have a strong voice in decisions about how institutions are run.

We urge parliament to be bold in its recognition that staff and student expertise is crucial to tertiary education governance and to legislate for two staff and two student representatives on each TEI council. The two staff representatives should be made up of one academic staff representative and one general staff representative.

Added to this all TEI councils must be made up of at least 12 members to ensure there is space to have iwi and community representation at the council table alongside the two staff and two student representatives.

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  1. While universities must exist in the “real world”, it is essential that the high quality and high ethical standards of academic work, as such, not be undermined by short-term considerations. The best way to ensure the successful balance of academic, government and business perspectives is a suffificent balance of representatives.

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  2. Just a little bit of representation can be worse than no representation at all.

    Just a little bit of representation means of course no real power to influence major decisions.
    Decisions that are made by the councils that are actually bad for staff and students and public education, will appear to have endorsement of the one or two token staff or student reps, even if the opposite was actually the case.

    So the question we should ask the government is what do they want? Is it merely trivial window dressing representation, or representation that has a very real chance of influencing and promoting change that is good for staff and students and public education?

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  3. Staff and student reps need to be at least half the total number of representatives if tertiary institutes are to survive in a desirable form.

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  4. In larger institutes a ratio would be desirable and effectual..
    It would be good to see both trades and professions represented equally for instance

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  5. As a former general staff member of The University of Auckland Council I agree it is mere tokenism to include only one staff and one student as voting members on the Council. Both staff groupings should be present and two students not one.

    The barriers to change here are the managerialism and neoliberal beliefs embedded in the university sector. The sector is intolerant of any input from workers which might challenge this viewpoint.

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  6. Tena koutou, the importance of genuine engagement will come with genuine inclusion – staff and students are integral to all institutes. This government can be brave and implement a new and well balanced Council structure within the Educational sector.

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  7. Tautoko that Huhana ; genuine relationship is the key and the minimum we should accept is two student and two staff representatives on Councils of Tertiary institutions.

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