Living Wage rises to $20.55 an hour

Posted By TEU on Apr 6, 2018 | 3 comments

The amount people need to earn per hour to meet basic living costs is to rise 35 cents to $20.55 per hour.

The new Living Wage will better reflect the needs people have to meet to survive and participate in society, including food and rent costs, energy, health, communication and education.

For a 40 hour working week, the increase equates to a total gross income of $42,744.

Last year the Tertiary Education Union (TEU) called on the pay of tertiary education institution bosses to be frozen until all institution staff are paid at least the Living Wage. TEU members have also been negotiating collectively at a number of institutions for a Living Wage and have worked hard to ensure the lowest paid workers get the biggest boosts in pay.

The new Living Wage will apply from 1 September 2018.

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  1. I really don’t know how some families are surviving. Its easy to see why so many Kiwis have flown across the ditch. It makes me angry when I see so many nasty people in our country and how judgmental, greedy, individualistic and divisive we have become as a nation. This is not what our forefathers fought for when they went to war for us to become such a selfish nation with the attitude of ‘every man for himself ‘ .

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    • I totally agree with you there. It’s so hard to survive with the pay we get, the instability of employment in the tertiary teaching industry, the limited hours that we can work (cause it’s dependent on the frequency of the class) and add the cost of living in NZ to the equation. I’m glad that we’re at least gonna be paid living wage.

      I’m not sure about other teachers, but I know that we don’t all work for the whole year (like office jobs), and we don’t get paid during school break either. There’s not much financial security. Sometimes it’s easier to get a stable employment overseas. It’s unfortunate that in my sector in particular, it forces you to jump from one fixed term employment with one employer to another. For some teachers, this is their life story. I’ve met great teachers who are still on fixed term even after 5 years. It’s crazy really.

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    • I think a lot of people are managing by getting into debt, which is not sustainable and if the rug is pulled under from the current sources of credit will lead to disaster as was seen in US and Europe ten years ago

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