Major library restructure at Auckland uni

Posted By TEU on Apr 6, 2018 | 2 comments

Union members at the University of Auckland are disappointed by management plans published last week to cut 45 full-time equivalent jobs in Libraries and Learning Services Te Tumu Herenga.

Management plans include proposals to close a significant number of service points across the university, reducing the number of places students can go to receive expert learning and research support.

A number of people will also see their job levels downgraded as a result of the proposals. For some this will mean a cut in the amount they take home to support their whānau.

“We understand the way students access information is changing, but what’s been set out by management goes beyond modernising services and actually cuts back on the places students can go to get expert support. This speaks to the broader issue of a failed government funding model that is forcing our public institutions to function like businesses, rather than on the
learning, research and teaching needs of their students and staff,” Enzo Giordani, organiser of the Tertiary Education Union at the University of Auckland, said.

The plans will result in an immediate net loss of 15.5 full-time equivalent jobs, which will increase over time as the CAI, Tamaki and Epsom libraries close down over the next few years.

“The timing of management’s announcement doesn’t make sense in the context of the government’s vision for education. It has outlined an ambitious plan to review our education system as a whole, to look at what we’re doing and to make change to ensure an inclusive, public education system focused on meeting the needs of learners. It’s hard to understand why the University would want to make major changes to the way students are supported in their learning before we’ve talked as a country about what we want from our education system,” Giordani added.

Consultation on the plans is open until 30 April.

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  1. Can you please attach my earlier comments from April 1

    Tony Cartner
    1 April, 2018
    At the time of the major restructures planned at Waikato University, VC Neil Quigley, in the light of the Tertiary Review by the Productivity Commission and following Rick Ede’s example, said that the administration of this University would not be restructured until after the new Student Management System(Tribal) went live replacing the older JADE-SMS. Well the time is almost upon us. Soon we will see something in the order of 100 admin staff around the University being made redundant. Whoops I meant their positions being made redundant not the staff; they simply transform from staff to non-staff! Whoop de do, it must be some consolation.

    Hang together or hang separately!

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  2. Fine arts library is really important for arts and all other faculty students it provides a great quiet study space , plus like us art history students many books are specially located at fine arts library,and we are used to finding resources there and rely on this library. If it’s shut down then we don’t have place to find books resources. It’s a terrible idea, if u wanna cut budget by doing so , I suggest u find another way.

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