UnionAid raffle a big success

Posted By TEU on Sep 7, 2017 |

Thanks to the generous support of TEU members, Dalit workers in southern India will be able to upskill and organise so they can get decent pay and a life free of poverty.

TEU branches at Victoria University, Massey and Lincoln, along with the national office purchased $2,000 worth of tickets in UnionAID’s big raffle fundraiser. UnionAID Executive Officer, Michael Naylor says that’s enough to provide vocational skills training to 110 men and women doing low paid jobs like construction work or washing clothes.

Michael Naylor, Executive Officer of UnionAid, said: “On behalf of our partners in Tamil Nadu, India I’d like to say a huge thanks to all TEU members. Your support for the raffle means more Dalit men and women will have the resources they needs to get organised and demand the decent work and dignity they deserve.”

The raffle winners can be found online.

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