Green Party launch equal pay policy

Posted By TEU on Sep 7, 2017 |

The Green Party has today launched its equal pay policy. If implemented the plan would be a significant step towards achieving equal pay.

One of the key aspects of the policy is to shift responsibility from employee to employer to prove that staff are being paid fairly regardless of gender.

Currently women need to prove that they have an equal pay claim, something National has tried to make it even harder to do.

National’s disregard for achieving pay equity is letting down thousands of women across New Zealand and risks missing out on economic growth opportunities.

The gender pay imbalance for median hourly earnings is 9.4 percent, and for average hourly earnings is 13.1 percent. For Māori women, the gender pay imbalance increases significantly to 24.5 percent, and for Pasifika women, it is 26.8 percent.

The Greens, Labour, the Māori Party and New Zealand First are committed to improving equal pay legislation, by fully implementing the pay equity Principles agreed by a Joint Working Group of government, business and unions.

In stark contrast, National has tried to legislate to make equal pay even harder to achieve.

In four days’ time early voting starts. We have a real choice in the upcoming election – and a chance to say that equal pay is an issue that we as Kiwis care about and want fixed.

Casting a vote for Labour, the Greens, New Zealand First or the Māori Party would help end discriminatory wage rates for thousands of women.

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