Labour’s tertiary education promise gives people a real choice at this election

Posted By TEU on Aug 31, 2017 | 1 comment

Labour’s promise to give everyone one year full-time study free means voters have a real choice this election about the future of public tertiary education.

Labour said this morning that anyone starting tertiary education for the first time in 2018 would receive a year of full-time study without having to pay fees. Labour also committed to increase student support by $50 a week from the start of next year.

It is great to see that Labour has listened to tertiary education staff and students by committing to policies that will improve access to learning opportunities for many.

The announcement follows in the wake of commitments from Labour, the Greens and New Zealand First to keep tertiary education public.

This means that when people cast their vote in September they have a real opportunity to vote for a credible and popular alternative to the clear failings of National’s market-based approach to tertiary education.

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  1. This is good for students but the TEU should support University administration concerns that funding per student will not change. Operating costs are shrinking and the only response is for the Universities to keep cutting admin staff: which effectively means non academic workloads will increase for teachers and researchers. I am sure the Labour party has not consulted about the whole funding situation. The TEU are going to be running salary claims to the University admin but they need serious help to get government to fund operational costs better. The funding per student model is very blunt and imprecise. Support vote tertiary education and acknowledge the whole picture.

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