MPs concerned about the use of public funds for private providers

Posted By TEU on Jul 13, 2017 |

MPs on the Education and Science Select Committee have raised concerns about whether public funding for tertiary education is being used as intended, according to a report published last week.

The concerns were raised by some MPs on the Select Committee during a discussion about the funding of for-profit provider Quantum Education Group.

A subsidiary of the Intueri Education Group, Quantum was recently investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. The enquiry closed in April 2017 with no further action taken.

However, Quantum remains under investigation by the Tertiary Education Commission for alleged manipulation of data relating to student numbers and course completions.

Concerned MPs questioned the Minister for Tertiary Education, Paul Goldsmith, on what changes have been made as a result of the investigation.

Responding, the Minister simply said funding for the tertiary education sector is being spent appropriately.

The Minister was being questioned as part of a broader Committee debate about National’s 2017 Budget, which made significant cuts to public tertiary education.

The Budget cut more than $15.5 million in funding to public universities and polytechnics, while increasing funding to private providers by almost $24 million.

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