Supporters urged to take action in support of pay equity

Posted By TEU on May 3, 2017 |

Make a submission urging National to amend draft legislation that could make it harder to achieve pay equity. That is the action people are being encouraged to take this week as part of a long running campaign to ensure women receive equal pay for work of equal value.

The TEU is calling on as many people as possible to respond to National’s consultation on a draft pay equity law that will restrict the number of jobs that can be used as a comparison to determine if women are paid equally.

The consultation closes on 11 May, after which the government is expected to act swiftly by introducing the new law to Parliament.

The law would provide a legal framework for claimants to take pay claims to their employers without having to go to court, which has been welcomed.

However, it also restricts the predominantly male jobs that women can select to compare skills, effort, responsibility and conditions with their own jobs so they can assess if they are paid at the correct level.

The TEU is urging submissions on the draft law to focus on this issue of restricting what are known as comparators.

To achieve genuine pay equity, women working in predominantly female roles need to have the option to select a one or more comparators that may be suitable for their particular role.

Restricting the options available will make it much harder to out an end to discriminatory wage rates for thousands of women.

Suzanne McNabb, TEU’s national women’s officer, said that “what the government is planning is unfair and will prevent women from getting the pay they deserve. It is crucial that our voices are heard as part of the consultation, so we are urging as many people as possible to make a submission.

“The submission doesn’t have to be long, but does need to focus on the discriminatory proposal to limit the comparators women can select. If people want to get in touch with us, we can provide all the information they need to make a submission.”

You can make a submission directly to the government here, or contact the TEU for more information and support at

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