Expansion of He Toki Apprenticeship Trust

Posted By TEU on Jan 26, 2017 |

The He Toki Apprenticeship Trust’s work to support Māori trainees through their apprenticeships is expanding into the civil construction sector, according to a recent announcement.

Working in partnership with City Care and JFC, the expansion will enable the He Toki Trust to support both the Canterbury and Kaikōura rebuild.

He Toki, Programme Manager, Kym Hamilton, said the expansion would not only help to get more Māori into the trades but also to support whānau in Kaikōura by assisting them into employment and training over the next 12 months to rebuild their roads and whare.

“We are also looking at how we can support those who have been involved in tourism and hospitality in Kaikōura, who might want to stay working in this sector and gain more skills and qualifications over the next 12 months outside the region,” says Hamilton.

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