Clutha leaders have a plan for future of Telford

Posted By TEU on Oct 27, 2016 |

There is a future for Telford’s education campus.

The land that Lincoln’s Telford campus sits upon is owned and administered by the Telford Farm Board of Management, according to the terms of the Telford Act of Parliament 1964. The Farm Board also owns many of the buildings on that land.

Lincoln’s vice-chancellor Robin Pollard had earlier said Telford’s future was unclear and he is looking at “any number of options” for its future

The Farm Board and many community leaders in the Clutha district have been working to protect the future of delivery from the Telford Campus. Those community leaders all met with TEU national president Sandra Grey last week to discuss what support they could give to the board to keep delivery happening on the campus.

Murray Pilgrim, who chairs the Farm Board, says he is confident that Telford has a future supporting rural students to get farm careers.

“We are preparing a business case, working with Lincoln University and others and we’ll give it to the Tertiary Education Commission this month.”

Grey says a big part of the problem that Telford faces is the commission’s short two-year funding cycle.

“If Telford were able to plan five years ahead rather than two that would give it more stability, and more opportunity to plan sensibly for the future.’”

Grey and Pilgrim say the community leaders plan to meet again once the business plan is public.

Thank you to Te Ara at Flickr for the photo

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