Otago humanities petition nears 1000 signatures

Posted By TEU on Sep 15, 2016 | 1 comment

An online petition telling University of Otago managers to reject the process of change management they are imposing on the Humanities Division and its staff has nearly 1000 signatures so far.

TEU, which launched the petition, says humanities are crucial to both the education of students and to an engaged, critical New Zealand citizenry.

The petition calls on University of Otago managers to promote the university’s core values of wisdom, curiosity and the right to choose one’s own path by protecting and committing to the ongoing excellence of humanities education at the university.

“We want the university to work with students, unions, and the community to continue to lobby the government for increased tertiary education funding that recognises the value and importance of a diverse and quality range of choice for students,” the petition states.


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