The next TEU President – a real choice

Posted By TEU on Sep 4, 2014 |

Voters might easily assume the election for next year’s TEU president as a non-event.

Both candidates, Lesley Francey and Sandra Grey, are extremely experienced and, although they have different styles and backgrounds they profess very similar policies and goals in their original candidate statements.

However, those who know the two candidates know they are very different people, no doubt highlighted by the fact that they are standing against each other.

Last week I interviewed both candidates in the hope of unearthing some of those differences, so that voters who do not know them so well might be better informed.

All TEU staff are strictly impartial throughout this election, so I have ensured my interviews of each candidates were very similar and that that the process was fair and neutral according to the election’s returning officer.

These articles on election candidates Lesley Francey and Sandra Grey do not imply any stance or preference from the union.

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