Minister welcomes occupation data

Posted By TEU on Feb 14, 2013 |

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s has released an Occupation Outlook report which claims to provides a snapshot of the current state of forty common occupations and their likely employment prospects.

“There has been a shortage of readily available demand-side information on the short-to-medium term outlook for occupations in New Zealand,” tertiary education, skills and employment minister Steven Joyce said.

The minister says the report will help young people wanting to make more informed career choices.

The report comprises two-page summaries on forty occupations and includes information on the career path and income prospects of that particular occupation, what skills and qualifications are needed, registration and licensing requirements, and which tertiary institutes and ITOs provide the prerequisite study courses and required training.

This report follows the Moving on up – What young people earn after their tertiary education report the Ministry of Education released last month.

The ministry has sent a copy of the report to each secondary school and hopes that students will find it easy to find a course of study by graphically comparing fees, likely income and job prospects for each occupation.

The report lists only forty occupations. So, while human resources and public relations managers feature among the forty occupations listed, many of those occupations which Mr Joyce would probably wish to steer students away from are not featured and thus cannot be compared.  There is, for instance, no analysis of the employment prospects for surf instructors, bass players or tertiary educators.

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