We received this media release from Canterbury over the weekend

Posted By TEU on Apr 16, 2012 |

Press Release

Parker’s generosity a lesson for us all

Dr George Parker, manager of Te Puna Toi, the research arm of Canterbury University’s Theatre and Film Studies programme, has rejected a pay increase from the University of Canterbury. The pay increase would have seen Parker’s salary leap from $7000 to $7322 per annum and his tutor pay rate increased by 92 cents per hour.

“Given the current financial climate and the difficulties the university is facing in post-earthquake Christchurch, it would be irresponsible to accept a 92 cents increase”.

A university spokesperson commended Parker for his generosity and said the extra funds would go towards a mid-winter Christmas party for the university’s over-worked HR department. “They need the relief,” the spokesperson said.

Parker rejected that this move was in any way based on bad publicity surrounding the pay rise of Christchurch City Council’s CEO Tony Marryatt, which caused a wave of protests in Christchurch earlier this year. “No, I’m just a nice guy,” said Parker.

Parker also categorically denied that he was considering the role of Governor of the Reserve Bank with current governor Alan Bollard standing down. “I don’t think I even have an account at the Reserve Bank,” Parker said.

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