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The Australian: Universities should have power to sack chancellors: inquiry

All universities should be given clear power to sack their chancellors, a parliamentary inquiry into higher education governance has urged.

The Guardian: Privatise elite universities, says top VC

Rector of Imperial College, Sir Roy Anderson says top five universities should form US-style Ivy league, and charge much higher fees.

Inside Higher Ed: A tradeoff worth making

Milwaukee technical college unions voluntarily forgo annual pay raise; in exchange, administration commits to no layoffs for two years.

Liverpool Daily Post: Community college lecturers to strike during exams

Liverpool Community College were on strike yesterday as staff walked out in a row over pay cuts and longer, and more anti-social, working hours.

2009 UNESCO world conference on higher education

Demand for higher education is surging, providers are increasingly diverse, and students are more mobile than ever. But national funding falls short of needs and stark inequalities remain at a time when higher education has a crucial role to play in addressing key social and economic challenges.

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