University of Otago Branch Committee

Posted By TEU on Jan 12, 2009 |

President: Teresa LaRooy Library, 479-8803
Treasurer: Dianne Galvin Physiology, 479-5228
Div. Health Sciences Rep: Vincent Bennani Oral Rehabilitation, 479-7061
Div. Humanities Rep: Doug Hill Geography, 479-8775
Div. Humanities Rep: Rosemary Overell Media, Film & Communication, 479-5723
Sch of Business Rep: Brent Lovelock Tourism, 479-8069
Div. Sciences Rep: Louise Freeman Food Science, 479-7561
Div. Sciences Rep: Phil Handcock Physical Education, 479-5025
Library Rep: Justin Farquhar Library, 479-7825
Status of Women Rep: Amanda Phillips Women’s & Children’s Health, 470-9688
Te Uepu Rep: Anna Thompson Tourism, 479-8057


Nathan Bee Admissions and Enrolment, 479-7000
Joanne Galer Marketing & Communications, 479-8263
Heidi McQuillan Uniprint, 479-4097
Paul O’Donnell Psychology, 479-7643
Paul Treadwell Physiology, 479-7182
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