Lincoln Branch Committee

Posted By TEU on Dec 10, 2008 |


Stuart Larsen
Biotron ext 30958


Shirley Gibbs
Applied Computing ext 30418


Walter Abell
Applied Computing 4230412

General Staff Sector Representative

Tracey Shields
Environment Society and Design ext 30440

Academic Staff Representative

David Wales, Foundation Studies & English Language Division. ext 30163

Service Staff Representative

Dean Waller

Women’s General Staff Representative

Shona Mardle
Environment Society and Design ext 4230473

Women’s Academic Staff Representative

Hayley Ridgway
Ecology ext 4230751

Te Toi Ahurangi Representative

Ekara Lewis
Marketing and Communication ext 30017

Health and Safety Rep

Sandy Hammond
Agriculture and Life Sciences ext 30744

Youth Representative

Marcel Podstolski
Library, Teaching & Learning ext 30391


Damian Bienkowski
Bio-Protection Research Centre ext 30955

Natalia Cripps-Guazzone
Agriculture and Life Sciences. ext 30732

Margaret Stoddart
Telford Division 03 419 0300 – 7300 ext 790

Iain Winslade
Telford Division 03 419 0300 – 7300 ext 885

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